Garden Plans Ireland offers a professional garden design and consultation service, based in Co. Galway, Ireland.

Need a garden design for any of the following types of garden?

  • Town
  • Seaside
  • Low maintenance
  • Organic
  • More...

Do you wish you had a beautiful garden, one that your family and friends enjoy spending time in and admire from season to season? A garden like this can be created from scratch or by altering an existing garden.

You may have thought about the certain plants / features that you would like to include in your ideal garden. Will these plants / features survive in your soil, sunlight and wind conditions? Will they be unnecessary or inappropriate to the style of the garden / house?

A garden design from Garden Plans Ireland will answer all these questions whilst bringing beauty, balance and harmony to any site.

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Client comment

"Having a difficult site to work with we found you friendly to deal with and thorough with your work. You incorporated ideas we already had with new ideas of your own coming up with a garden design we are very happy with. Thanks and regards."

- Sheila and Ken
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