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Things to Consider When Buying Hand Pruners

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Rank attained: Hazel Tree

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 11:54 pm    Post subject: Things to Consider When Buying Hand Pruners Reply with quote

Aside from the types of hand pruners that you need to choose whether which one suits your preferences and needs, there are other factors that must be considered as you shop for the best hand pruner.Let us discuss these factors one by one.

Types of Handles

You can have wide options in shapes and types when it comes to a hand pruner. There could be handles that are intended for left-handed users and also for those with smaller hands. The ratcheting action might also multiply cutting power but could take numbers of squeezes to make a cut.

​There could also be latches that are positioned in different areas along the handle. A latch that you can open with just a hand is a nice feature. Added comfort and reduced blistering intended for prolonged running might be offered by ergonomic and rotating handles.

Cutting Capacity

The cutting capacity of the hand pruner is the distance between the blades. This doesnít indicate the size of the branch which you could cut. And true cutting capacity doesnít depend on the strength of the user or the hardness of the wood.

Steel Blade Quality

Most of the pruning shears are made of steel. They might be coated with a non-stick material as for preventing debris, sap and other syrupy substances to stick to them. You have to make sure that the quality of blades is on top and must be made of hardened or carbon steel for them to last longer.

Size and Weight

If the pruning shear is heavy then there could be a chance of experiencing fatigue. So, better choose the one which isnít too heavy. In terms of size, it should fit with your hand and the diameter must make you cut a lot more comfortable.

User-friendly Design

Choosing a user-friendly or an ergonomic design would help in any wrist as well as hand strain. There is no need of too much effort as you use it and this would lead to a pleasant experience. It should have a curved shape along with angled blades and soft grip handles.

​Sturdy Spring

Most hand pruners have a spring that is located in the middle of the two handles. This might lessen the workload and it could decrease the fatigue in the hands. There could be two kinds of spring and these are the coiled metal springs and wire springs. Once hand pruners donít have a spring, they would act like scissors and will depend manually on your hands.

Locking Mechanism

​This one is very important as for preventing any accidental damages. It would lock the shears in the closed position, therefore, making it a lot safer and it protects the blades once you are not using it. However, there are shears with a mechanism which is more convenient to use since you just need to squeeze it. And this feature is a lot useful in ensuring that the tool doesnít lock up once you are using it.

Fast and Easy to Disassemble

​Though you have the best hand pruner, it still needs to be cleaned occasionally or it should be re-sharpened. It would be a lot more convenient if it is easy to dismantle and for you to sharpen the entire blade.

​Spare Parts Availability

​There are still times wherein hand pruners get worn out, broken or damaged. It is a big hassle if you order a replacement part then only to find out that it will take weeks or months before you can get the said part. With that, it is advised that you get a slightly more expensive hand pruners since the quality is a lot better.

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2017 2:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I never would have thought that there was so much to say about a pair of secateurs. Puts my 30 plus year old Wilkinson to shame! Still going strong though.
Very informative.

ďItís my field. Itís my child. I nursed it. I nourished it. I saw to its every want. I dug the rocks out of it with my bare hands and I made a living thing of it!Ē

This boy can really sing
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