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July..........A helpful collection of garden tasks and jobs

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James Kilkelly
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 11, 2006 11:30 pm    Post subject: July..........A helpful collection of garden tasks and jobs Reply with quote

Water all tubs and liquid feed if needed.
Ensure newly planted trees and shrubs do not dry out.
They often need much more water than people imagine
Mulching borders can help retain moisture.

Keep ponds topped up.

Remember to water fruit plants regularly, to ensure healthy development of fruits.
Water tree, bush and cane fruit thoroughly once every seven to 10 days during dry spells.
Mulching will also help them retain water.
Keep large-fruited apples, such as 'Bramley's Seedling' particularly well watered to help avoid problems with bitter pit.
Peg down strawberry runners if new plants are needed.
Spray your apple trees for apple scab. This is very prevalent, showing up as large blackish spots on both the leaves and fruit.

Ensure all vegetables get a regular, consistent supply of water.
This will aid healthy development, and help to avoid diseases, disorders and bolting.
Beans need sufficient watering to help the seed pods set.
Pick courgettes before they become marrows.
Continue to hoe off weeds in dry weather. Done in wet weather, the weeds are liable to re-root.
Harvest some of the plants vegetable patch, including spinach, peas, beets, carrots, salads, potatoes and globe artichokes; shallots may be ready as well.
Sow spring cabbage, carrots, turnips, Oriental vegetables, chicory, fennel, and autumn/winter salads such as lamb's lettuce.

Tie-in climbers and ramblers as they grow.
Prune June-flowering shrubs such as Philadelphus and Weigela after flowering.

Dead-head bedding plants and repeat-flowering perennials, to ensure continuous flowering

Most perennial weeds are best dealt with now when the weeds are in active growth.
Digging out often works, but applying a weedkiller can be more practical, particularly for large areas.
Products containing glyphosate will kill the roots, as well as the top growth, However, glyphosate is non-selective and plants you want to keep should be protected, either by covering them, or by using a paint-on formulation.

Look out for and treat black spot on roses.
Watch out for aphids (greeenfly and blackfly) on stems and leaves of young shoots.
These can be squashed in the fingers if caught early, avoiding the need for insecticides.
Remove rose suckers.

Ventilate and shade sunrooms and conservatories to prevent scorch damage to plants.
Water houseplants freely when in growth, and feed as necessary (often weekly or fortnightly). Water plants in early morning or late evening to avoid the risk of leaf scorch on hot days.

Give the lawn a quick-acting summer feed, especially if a spring feed was not done
Keep lawn mowing regularly, except during severe drought.
In hot weather, set the mower at a slightly higher level than normal for early summer.
This can prevent the lawn drying in hot weather.
Don't worry unduly about brown patches on the lawn - they will recover quickly when the autumn rains arrive.
New areas of grass, sown or turfed in the spring, will need extra watering to keep them going through their first summer.
Lawn growth slows down in late summer.
Raise the cutting height slightly as the month progresses, to help the grass better resist the wear it suffers in summer.

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Rank attained: Ash Tree

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 5:00 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

All excellant advice GPI and put very simply .
Cool Bugs

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