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Ecosystem ponds

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:11 pm    Post subject: Ecosystem ponds Reply with quote

hi artical on ecosystem ponds yours ponddigger Crying or Very sad Ponds

Ecosystem ponds can be easy to understand if you have a good grasp of what components go into a basic, functioning ecosystem. An ecosystem pond works with Mother Nature to provide food, shelter, and safety to the wildlife around it. It also provides you with an all-natural, low-maintenance piece of paradise. It's important to remember, however, that every piece of the ecosystem puzzle must be present in order for a true ecosystem to be in place. Eliminate one of these elements and you've got an unbalanced ecosystem that won't be so low-maintenance anymore. Check out the things you'll need to get your ecosystem pond fired up:

Circulation System is really just a fancy way of saying "pumps and plumbing." The proper size pump and pipe diameter are extremely important for the aesthetics of a water feature. More importantly, an efficient circulation system keeps the water moving and provides the necessary oxygen levels for healthy fish and plants.

Proper Filtration System includes the use of both a biological and a mechanical filter. A biological filter provides surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize and remove excess nutrients from the water. A mechanical filter will not only pre-filter the water and house the pump; it will also skim debris from the water's surface to prevent the accumulation of organic materials on the pond floor.

Fish are an integral part of any ecosystem. Unfortunately, fish are often seen as creating a maintenance nightmare. Contrary to popular belief, fish will actually reduce pond maintenance, as they graze on string algae and bottom feed from the pond floor.

Aquatic Plants are Mother Nature's true filters. Plants are great for adding character to a pond by providing color and texture, but from a filtration perspective, they're second to none. Thriving from the excess nutrients in a pond and depriving algae of its food source, the aquatic plants in a water garden, given proper coverage, are critical for the overall health of the ecosystem.

Rocks, Gravel, and Bacteria have been a controversial element in the hobby for many years. Many enthusiasts have steered away from rocks and gravel out of fear that their system will become a maintenance nightmare. On the contrary, rocks and gravel will not only make your pond look more natural, they will also protect pond liners from UV light degradation and they provide tremendous surface area for beneficial bacteria to break down excess nutrients in the water and dissolved organic debris on the pond floor.

Having all these things in place makes all the difference in the health and success of your water garden. Use them and work with Mother Nature, not against her, for a chemical-free wonderland of water! The truth is that most people opt for the ecosystem way of water gardening because it's easier and it just makes sense. A low-maintenance ecosystem pond provides you with more free time to enjoy friends and family ... while gathered around your pond, of course
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Joined: 31 Jan 2010
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Location: co tipp

PostPosted: Sat Oct 30, 2010 8:30 pm    Post subject: Ecosystem ponds Reply with quote

hi photo of ecosystem pond set up yours ponddigger Confused

ecosystem pond set up
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Rank attained: Hazel Tree

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 03, 2010 10:10 pm    Post subject: ecosystem ponds Reply with quote

hi more mformation on ecosystem ponds Balanced Ecosystem

Each pond ecosystem possesses its own qualities, conditions, and characteristics, but all ponds have a little algae - some more than others. An over-abundance of algae is the most frequent problem occurring in ponds.

The key, however, is to find the balance that Mother Nature intended and the algae will stay under control at an acceptable level. Managing the pond ecosystem in a way that's logical and consistent with Mother Nature is a technique that's been proven to be very successful.

Algae problems are most likely the result of an unbalanced ecosystem. In order to understand this, one needs only to understand that a water garden is an ecosystem of interrelated elements which all play an equally important role. Together these elements work to maintain a natural ecosystem without over-filtering or adding excessive amounts of chemicals to the pond. Here's how it all works ...

Filtration System
Designing and implementing an efficient circulation system ensures that the water is oxygenated and pond debris (including leaves, mosquito larvae, floating algae, and anything else that's blown in) will be swept from the pond's surface and deposited into an easily emptied skimmer basket. Through various forms of mechanical and biological filtration, the aquatic circle of life turns infinitely over and over again in your pond.

Algae are plants, and all aquatic plants feed off of the same nutrients in the water. The more plants you add to your pond, the more the algae will be starved from its food source. Algae growth will be minimized naturally and effortlessly.

A wide variety of aquatic plants are available for your pond. From waterlilies and lotus to marginal plants such as marsh marigold and horsetail, you'll never tire of the options available to you.

Fish fulfill their role in the ecosystem by eating algae. Presuming they're not overfed, koi over 10" in length will graze on the algae, effectively reducing its growth. Like plants, a variety of pond fish are available for you to introduce to your pond. Large, colorful koi to rosy reds and beyond! Fish are a delightful addition to any size water garden.

Rocks and Gravel
Like aquatic plants, the bacteria that live on the rocks and gravel in the pond feed on excess nutrients in the water, reducing the algae by starving it even further. The rocks and gravel not only hide the liner and create a natural-looking setting, but also provide a home for beneficial bacteria. Plant debris, fish waste, decaying organic matter, excess nutrients, or anything else that falls to the bottom of the pond will rest on top of the rocks and gravel. The bacteria living on the rocks and gravel will then go to work, breaking down the waste and debris, cleaning and clearing the water. Mother Nature's circle of life is amazing, don't you agree?

Finally ... Patience!
It takes between two and six weeks for the bacteria to colonize and actually begin to do their job. Creating a balanced ecosystem doesn't happen overnight! Like fine wine, ponds mature with age, so don't be surprised or concerned if a new pond begins to grow some algae. Once the plants, fish, and bacteria are established, the algae will decrease, as will the amount of maintenance on the pond.

Like good health, we shouldn't take good pond water quality for granted. Some of what makes up the quality of the water in your pond is out of your control, but it still helps to understand a few things about it so you can manage it better. Ensure your pond has a balance of filtration, plants, fish, and rocks and gravel so you can spend more time relaxing by your pond as opposed to maintaining it
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