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Plant pot's clay or plastic?

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:26 pm    Post subject: Plant pot's clay or plastic? Reply with quote

Good afternoon,
Well ive been in the greenhouse for a few hours this morning potting on a few of the russian tom's and sowing up 30 small pots of tagetts,

It was while i was doing the potting on i thought about something i read years ago ref the amount of plants that die due to not being watered and potts not being used properly
And so thinking again of the "new to gardening" I'd pass on the info.

Firstly the plastic pot.

Is plastic better than clay ?
Well plastic pots as the norm have an exposed rim or ridge around the top of the pot,

This rim is were you'd fill the pot upto "but under the rim/ridge & not over it

this is because that rim/ridge is to show the amount of water that pot needs to water it correctly,
More plants are killed due to over watering and plastic pots do not soak the water into the plastic and this means the plant if over watered sits in a bath of water
"hence" rotting roots or drowning (yellow of leaves etc can happen.

Clay pots
I myself like Clay for cuttings or re-potting on plants,

Now you'll not see many older clay pots with a rim or ridge markings around the pot "but the newer hard clay pots do have the rim/ridge's on the top outer face of the pot,
Again this is your water mark and you'll notice that if compering a platic pot

"lets say 3nch pot; the rim water marking to a 3inch clay you'll see the clay pots rim is a little larger and the reason is clay will soak up the water hence you dont get roots sitting in a water filled base and for plants that prefer a dryer root system
such as (geraniums) the clay is a better pot to use,)

Plus clay will keep the warmth in the sides of the pot and if taking cuttings you place them near to the sides rather than centre the chances are the plants will take root quicker due to this warm spot of the clay pot (plastic dont have this advantage)

The second important point ref both clay or plastic is again a common mistake made by those who dont know is what the underneath of both plastic and clay pots are telling us?

1 Hole or 5 maybe 7 holes ????

If your using a pot (plastic or clay) and it has 1 drainage hole then you'll need to reduce this a little by adding a piece of broken clay pot or some sort of very small grit/pebble or even marbles,

The reason being that water feeding from the bottom ie using a dish under the pot is fine for both plastic or clay
But water feeding from the top of the pots filling the water will just soak through and the roots wont have the advantage of getting watered,

5 or 7 drainage holes,
with this amount of holes you dont have to use any form of slowing the water soaking from top or bottom as the water can be sucked up by the plant or soaked through when top watering without the water rotting the plant roots as it will if only 1 holed drainage pot is used.and the hole get blocked

So 1 drainage hole
(you need to make sure that hole wont get blocked by compost etc by using broken clay or small stones etc this will help drainage.

5 or more holes you dont need anything to block the holes as the water can be taken up or drained down the pot without blockage hence if you use the correct amount of water via the ridge marking on the top of the pots your plants are getting the correct amount of water for that pot size.


I'll never complain about the peace and quiet of our location "so quiet I swear you could hear a mouse fart
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