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Growing / Forcing Hyacinth Bulbs for Indoor Christmas Bowls

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 06, 2006 4:27 pm    Post subject: Growing / Forcing Hyacinth Bulbs for Indoor Christmas Bowls Reply with quote

Growing / Forcing Hyacinth Bulbs for Indoor Christmas Bowls
by GPI

Most people would book the first outbound flight if they were told that "Hyacinth" would be spending Christmas in their house. Due to the successful television show "Keeping Up Appearances" when we hear the name Hyacinth we immediately think of Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced 'Bouquet'). I'm sure you are familiar with that horrid snob who devotes most of her energies to maintaining 'standards'. In the process, she frequently brings chaos into the lives of all around her.

Indoor hyacinth in bowl, photo / picture / image.

The hyacinth that I am encouraging you to allow grace your home this Christmas is not a snob; it is actually Hyacinth orientalis the highly fragrant flower bulb. Hyacinth bulbs are perfect for planting in the garden or in pots on the patio to add spring colour and scent to your outdoor space. These miniature marvels produce dense flower heads in shades of white, pink, peach, blue, purple, red, navy, yellow and orange. The Hyacinths flower colours are surpassed by its amazing range of heady scents, just one bulb is enough to fill the air around you with its own individual sweet perfume.

As well as the traditional outdoor hyacinth bulbs, there are also specially prepared indoor hyacinth bulbs, ideal for filling your house with a wonderful perfume over Christmas.

If you are looking for indoor Hyacinth bulbs you should be able to source some here...... Hyacinth

These larger bulbs are still available now; so let me give you some insight into planting them.

For displaying the bulbs indoors it is best to plant them grouped in a decorative bowl, groups of 3's or 5's are ideal. A six inch wide bowl accommodates around three hyacinth bulbs well, without touching. Place a layer of moist potting compost or special bulb fibre in the base of the bowl and press your Hyacinth bulbs down lightly onto this.

Backfill the bowl with compost or fibre so that the bulbs nose is just above the top of the soil. Allow about a half an inch of space between the lip of the bowl and the top of the soil for watering. Water the compost twice to settle the soil around the bulbs.

Next, place the watered bowl in a cool, dark place to allow the bulbs to root. We are in essence forcing the bulbs to flower earlier. An unheated shed is usually about the right temperature for this technique.

Keep an eye on the compost within the bowl, watering carefully to prevent it from drying out. With any luck, after about six to eight weeks your bulbs will have produced shoots about 2 inches (5cm) high. At this stage, you will bring the bowl indoors to a cool room with lots of light such as an entrance hallway or utility room.

Once the hyacinths begin to bloom, you will have the option of moving the bowl to a living, sitting or dining room for display. Although, the cooler the room, the longer the flowers (once produced) will last. Watering the bulbs regularly allows good flower development and longer bloom times.

Hyacinths prepared for Christmas are well worth the trouble, why not give them a go?

Any queries or comments on Growing / Forcing Hyacinth Bulbs for Indoor Christmas Bowls, please post below.

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