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Choosing Healthy Plants in Ireland.

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James Kilkelly
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 3:07 pm    Post subject: Choosing Healthy Plants in Ireland. Reply with quote

Choosing Healthy Plants in Ireland.
By Eudora DeWynter

Do you know how to go into a nursery and choose a healthy plant? It's harder than you might think if you don't know what to look for. When you go into a nursery always look around and see if the plants are well cared for and seem to be healthy. Is the foliage thick, shiny and compact? Or is it yellow and wilted? Or just tall and stringy? Taller plants don't mean that they are growing better and faster than the others, they maybe just straining for more sunlight, so taller are not always the better choice.

Wilted and limp means that they are thirsty for water and nutrients. Be mindful also to check both sides of the plants leaves, even healthy looking plants, for signs of diseases or small insects and look for black areas, small holes, spots, mushy, sticky and distorted areas, these are sure signs not to buy. Check the soil in the pot to see how dry or moist it is and to see if the roots are growing out of the bottom, If any of this is present then these plants are more than likely stressed (yes Stressed ) and may or may not recover in your garden once planted.

Beware, an example of a maple tree which suffered from a shortage of water, photo / picture / image.

Move on to the plants that are full and compact with the bright shiny bushy leaves and foliage. Always evaluate the specific plants you are shopping for. Plants that have thick woody stems should have no cracks or scars as this weakens the plant. If the pot has weeds growing in it alongside the plant steer clear of these too, they have been severely neglected. However if (like me) you like a challenge go ahead and buy it, feed it water it and pamper it and it just might fool you and bounce back.

When choosing plants for your garden choose then but plants that are budding as opposed to those that are already in bloom, budding plants thrive better when transplanted. If you are planting trees or shrubs and their roots are in burlap, the roots should feel solid and hard, not limp and loose, if they are then more than likely the plant roots are drying or have dried out and the plant will suffer trying to come back to life.

Keeping these tips in mind before heading out to the local garden center or nursery can prevent a disaster in your flower or vegetable garden. If this is your first garden, start small and limit yourself to a handful of plants that you like and if you choose healthy plants, your garden will do well. Keep it well watered and fed and keeping the weeds pulled (by hand is best) will give you a beautiful garden to sit back and enjoy all summer long.

Eudora DeWynter offers tips on Choosing Healthy Plants on her blog at

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