The Lawn Mowing Season, when to Begin


Are you a patient lawn owner?
Do you resist the urge to take the mower to your shaggy lawn in January and Febuary?
If you do it will benefit you and your lawn, read on and find out more......

When to start mowing

If you are patient, your lawn will reward you by looking greener than some earlier mown lawns which often suffer scorch from cold winds. From the middle of March is the time to start your lawn maintenance proper for the year, you will of course have been removing any fallen leaves during January and February.

Lawn mower safety and maintenance check

Carry out a final check on your mower, ask yourself the following questions........
Are the blades sharp?
Are any of the blades loose?
Have you carried out an oil change recently?
Is the mowers air filter clean?
Is the fuel tank and piping free of leaks?
Is the grass box fitting correctly?
Your mowers service book will have many more checks to undertake, I would advise you to carry these out.

Lawn inspection and correct cutting height

Before introducing the mower to the grass, please walk the lawn and inspect the surface. Remove any stones, pieces of wood and balls or toys. All of these objects may have been deposited on the lawn by your dog along with their other unfortunate droppings.
Try to carry out your first cut on a day when the grass is dry, to ensure a clean cut without clogging your mower. Set the mower at a cutting height of 1.5 inches (3.75 cm), your mower service book should make clear at what notch to set you wheels to achieve this height. Lost the booklet, well then just set the mower to remove the top half an inch of grass. You will gradually lower the cut to 1 inch (2.5 cm) over subsequent cuts.
For safety never make any adjustments to the mower cutting height whilst it is running.

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Client comment

"James, thanks for the garden layout. With your help we finally have flourishing planting in our shady back garden."

- C McDermott, Galway City
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