Garden designs Ireland


Ireland boasts some excellent garden designers, aiding homeowners and businesses in their quests for their own little piece of heaven outdoors.

Of course members of the public armed with just a list of their garden likes and dislikes, plus a good imagination, have produced a good few admirable gardens as well. Whether by good fortune or an inbuilt design savvyness.

While you mull over whether you should employ a garden designer or instead give this garden layout "lark" an attempt yourself, have look at some examples of garden designs from Ireland by clicking the link below...

Garden designs Ireland

Or you can learn more about garden design and Irish gardening in general by clicking this other link.

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Client comment

"Having a difficult site to work with we found you friendly to deal with and thorough with your work. You incorporated ideas we already had with new ideas of your own coming up with a garden design we are very happy with. Thanks and regards."

- Sheila and Ken
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